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Mr. Khang – Director owner 

Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang, i am from a small village at the Valley of the rock lime stone mountain, i am a ethnic minority in Ha Giang, my minority is TAY the live in my village very poor, i want to escape of the poor live, i am hard study with my dream bring good money for family and could do some thing for my village, i saw tourism is the best way for me to change my live, Khang  Love tourism then Khang Decited study tourism be come a tour guide - so am I graduated tourism university in 2008 and had over 10 years work as a tour guide in all over vietnam and also being motorcycle tour guide and office tour operator. now i see my countryside in Ha Giang so beautifil landscape Motorbike must be the best way to see landscape, and Motorbike can ride through some road as car can not come though, and Khang Also want to bring good Job for local people and handle for a lot of poor people from my village so that why HA GIANG PEAK RIDERS  born today, i hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tour, i am write in english not so well but i can speak for you understand all of my english 



About Team


Miss. Oanh - Sale Executive Oanh graduated Faculty of Foriegn Languages - Thai Nguyen University and get English Tour guide license with 4 years of experience to be a tour guide. 

Ms. Quynh - Operation Manager  Quynh got an MBA degree at National University and 10 years in operation manager position

Mr. Khuyen - Product manager  

 Mr. Phong - sale marketing offline 

Mr. Tien - sale and marketing online 



Team Ha Giang Motorcycle Tour 

Ha Giang Team 


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