Ha Giang Road

Co Tien Twin Mountains

Ha Giang is so famous for its majestic nature, cleverly winding mountain passes and peaceful valleys always filled with fresh flowers. Once you set foot in this beautiful mountain area, you cannot ignore the unique beauty of Quan Ba twin mountains. The two mountains are almost equivalent in every a ...

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Vuong maison

Vuong Mansion is one of the popular destinations in Haigang that tourists should come to once. Vuong Mansion is considered the spotlight of the tour

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Tu San canyon

Tu San is considered the "first majestic landscape" with a cliff height of up to 700-800m, a length of up to 1.7km, a depth of 700-900m, and is the most unique and magnificent landscape of the Dong Van karst plateau.

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Sky Path - The most dangerous roads

Sky Path ( or sky walking ) is Vietnam's most dangerous road. The road attracts tourists who prefer adventure trips. Every year, thousands of people visit Hagiang to try to walk on the Sky Path and enjoy the majestic landscape from there.

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Ma Pi Leng (Ha Giang) - one of the majestic "four great mountain passes" in the northern mountains of Vietnam

Ma Pi Leng or " The bridge of the horse's nose " is known as the king of the passes in the Northwest mountains, is a rugged pass road about 20km long, belonging to Pa Vi and Pai Lung communes, Meo Vac district, and Ta Lung commune, Dong Van district.

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Tham Ma Pass- one of the best manificant mountain passes

Tham Ma Pass is a highlight, a piece that creates a beautiful picture of the first land Vietnam named Ha Giang. For those who have been to Ha Giang, this route is an extremely impressive and memorable experience. As for those who have not or are coming to this land, the Tham Ma Pass is a mystery that needs to be discovered.

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